Want to Get Rid of Kitsoftter.com Pop-up? Please Look Here

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Your browser is hijacked to kitsoftter.com?
It asks you to update your browser?
It keeps redirecting you when browsing the web?
You finally notice that it is a malware?

Please don’t worry. If you cannot remove it from your computer, you can come to this post for help.

Information about Kitsoftter.com

Kitsoftter.com is a dubious website that can be regarded as a pop-up adware. It is designed by its developer to promote fake web browser update recommendation. This adware often appears as a pop-up new tab to a browser. Typically, this pop-up reminds you of a Browser Update. For example, you can the pop-up at Kitsoftter.com says:

“It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest version to view this page.
Please download to continue.”

Please keep in mind that this popup is just a trick website that distributes scams. You should not accept its recommendation. Once you install what it provides, you will get unknown programs that may cause PC problems. Those unwanted program can take up your CUP and even create a lot of icons or shortcuts at your desktop.

Troubles Caused by Kitsoftter.com


How to Get Rid of Prosperent.com with Simple Steps?

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If you find your web browsers keep going to prosperent.com by force, you may have got an adware or potentially unwanted program in your computer. If you find it disturbing you and want to get rid of it, please follow the removal guide below to remove it from your computer.

What is Prosperent.com?

Prosperent.com is a website that claims to help you make money on your content or traffic. It is automated monetization technology for publishers, bloggers, forums, social networks and apps through ads, links, plugins and an API. When you search for it, it seems a legitimate website. It may be. But when it comes into your computer without asking for permission, it can be a browser hijacker.

As is known, browser hijacker often affects many browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once infected, your browser will be redirected to random websites corrupt website that may contain malware. Typically, a browser hijacker can replace your homepage and search engine. As long as you open your browser, you are undoubtedly redirected to its domain. (more…)

How to Remove ShopShop Ads? Best Ways to Get Rid of ShopShop Adware

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If your browsing activities have been disturbed by constant “Ads by ShopShop”, your PC may infect with an adware or potentially unwanted program. If you need help get rid of those pesky ads and remove the program that causes those ads, please go through the post to get what you want.

What is ShopShop?

ShopShop is an adware that promises to enhance it users’ browsing experience and internet environment. However, this adware will never help you enjoy a wonderful internet environment due to its unauthentic traits. It will only cause a lot of troubles. If you get this adware in your computer, you will notice your webpage taken up by all kinds of pop-ups, banners, or other forms of advertisements. Therefore, when you see ads labeled with “Ads by ShopShop” or “Brought by ShopShop” appearing on your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer), you should find out this adware and remove it.

Please bear in mind that this adware often come to your PC bundled with some freeware such as free media players, PDF creators, download managers, etc. You are highly suggested to read Terms and Agreements of your new downloads and follow installation steps. It will be better if you choose Custom or Advanced installation instead of the Basic one and deselect all checkmarks that indicate about unknown additional downloads. (more…)

How to Fix Gdiplus.dll? Best Way to Solve Gdiplus.dll Error

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What is Gdiplus.dll?

Gdiplus.dll is a DLL file related to May 2012 Security Release ISO Image developed by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System. Similar to .exe files, this DLL file is vital in supporting multiple software programs to share the same functionality. It is an indispensable part on a certain computer because it helps computer users to open the associated files and programs.

The Gdiplus.dll Error emerges when computer startup, program startup, or while trying to use a specific function in your program. Once it appears, annoying error messages will pop up on your screen. You may also find some files or programs cannot be opened. As another case, you may sometime get into blue screen of death.

Here are some error messages related to Gdiplus.dll.

“Gdiplus.dll not found.”
“The file Gdiplus.dll is missing.”
“Gdiplus.dll Access Violation”
“Cannot register Gdiplus.dll”
“Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\\Gdiplus.dll” (more…)

Remove Imgur.com Popup from Infected PC

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Are you disturbed by a popup called imgur.com? Don’t know what it is? This post will give you more details about this popup. Please keep reading.

Information about Imgur.com

Imgur.com is an internet’s visual storytelling community. Explore, share, and discuss the best visual stories the internet has to offer. It is analyzed as an active malware by AVG ThreatLabs. Reported as a known exploit serve, AVG does not recommend users to visit this website or forward its URL by email. Otherwise, the users’ devices may be compromised by malware like JavaScript Obfuscation and Rogue Scanner.

However, virustotal has analyzed imgur.com as a clean site. Some computer users also deem this website as a clean one with no virus. It is tested as a green site whose links are to sites which are safe or have only minor safety/annoyance issues.

Here is a screenshot of imgur.com

imgur.com screenshot

Therefore, whether this website is safe or not just bases on the personal perception. If you believe it is good, you can go on visiting. If you think it nasty, you can remove it. If you find it keeps redirecting your website and need help remove it, you can follow the steps below. If you fail to remove it on your own, you can try to install SpyHunter for help. Now please read the detailed instructions carefully. (more…)

How to Remove Trojan Horse PSW.Generic12 from Win 7? Best Ways to Eliminate Trojan Horse PSW.Generic12

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Trojan Horse PSW.Generic12 has been detected in your PC? Had difficulty in permanently removing it? Want to get rid of this mulish computer virus? Then you have come to the right place. This post will offer you effective Trojan removal guide. Please read it for reference.

What is Trojan Horse PSW.Generic12?

Trojan Horse PSW.Generic12 is a risky computer virus mainly created to attack the vulnerable computers. It is usually propagated through many channels such as spam emails, pornographic websites and free application downloads, and even social network service.

Just as other Trojan virus, it will start its subversive activities like modifying or even deleting system files, dragging down computer, exploiting loopholes and opening backdoor for the remote controllers.

However, outfitted with a keystroke-capture mechanism, the Trojan horse records the user names and passwords. Once the Trojan determines that you’ve gone there, it starts taking keystroke logs and snaps shots of machines and sends it back to hackers, which is the main thing that this Trojan virus will do. Therefore, people who get infected with this Trojan will lose their private or important personal data. It is very dangerous. (more…)

How to Remove TROJAN:WIN32/Peals.F!plock from Win7/Vista/XP/8?

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What is the TROJAN:WIN32/Peals.F!plock?

TROJAN:WIN32/Peals.F!plock is a high-risk Trojan horse that mainly attack vulnerable computers to achieve its malicious purposes. Once infected, your PC will become slower and slower due to the cookies, junk files, or even unknown programs triggered by this nasty Trojan. Working in the background as a startup item, this Trojan can provide the victim with useless programs like browser tool, picture viewers, video codecs, etc.

This Trojan virus is vicious enough to damage your infected system. It will cause a lot of computer issues. For example:

  1. It can generate multiple suspicious processes to occupy your system resource.
  2. It can change your system settings so as to modify or even damage your system files.
  3. It can steal your personal information like IP address, and online banking account details.
  4. It can create backdoors in the system and offer access to cyber hackers.
  5. It can record your strokes on the keyboard and download viruses and worms.
  6. It can destroy some components of your program and cause system crash.

Please mind this Trojan usually sneaks into vulnerable computers without users’ awareness and consent because visiting popup ads, porn site and fake security pages will easily get infected with this virus. Moreover, this Trojan virus can be put in the email attachments. If you download and install email attachments from suspected address, you may possibly get infected, too. (more…)

How to Remove Adf.ly Pop-up? Get Rid of Adf.ly Search

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What is Adf.ly?

Adf.ly is classified as one of the nasty browser hijackers that affect all brands of web browsers. It always redirects users’ search pages to its domain, or taking control their search engine. This popup is also noted as an adware due to its advertising purposes. The pop-up ads or sites caused by adf.ly are designed to offer a platform for the one who want to get payment. It is unknown what kind of benefit will this popup contribute to its users. But I have found a lot of nasty traits of this browser hijacker.

  1. It can redirect to its homepage marked as adf.ly.
  2. It can generate entries, cookies, or registries to your computer.
  3. It can check your browsing history.
  4. It can expose your privacy to the people behind adf.ly.

Here is a screenshot of adf.ly

adf.ly popup (more…)

How to Remove Super-page.com from IE/FF/Chrome? Get Rid of Super Page Search Completely

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What is Super-page.com?

Super-page.com is a suspected website which can cause browser hijacker or redirect to http://www.super-page.com/. It usually replaces users’ default homepage and search engine without asking for permission. Once infected, your browser will keep forwarding to its domain by force every time your launch your browser. There is no doubt that this notorious website can hinder users’ internet browsing.

Here is a screenshot of super-page.com

Super-Page.com screenshot

Super-page.com supports various buttons for web, images, videos, games, maps, etc. It seems quite similar to a legitimate search website. However, please don’t be cheated by its appearance. What it does reveals its malevolence. This suspected website can infect almost all the browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It has the ability to change your browser settings and redirect you to the unreliable search results. Meanwhile, Super-page.com aims at advertising various websites and gaining money from clicks on affiliate links. It will display constant pop-up ads which may not only interrupt your browsing but lead you to serious computer issues. (more…)

How to Remove Alert.rubylivetechhelp.com Pop-up rom Firefox (IE or Chrome)?

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A suspicious security alert stops your browser in its domain? It has detected malware on the website you are visiting? It says your personal information could be dangerous? It must have asked you to dial a number for help. Apparently, it is another Tech Support Scam that keeps on cheating you with another form. Here is some advice to help you get rid of this pop-up. Please keep reading.

What is Alert.rubylivetechhelp.com?

Alert.rubylivetechhelp.com is dubious pop-up that can affect users by taking over their browser all of a sudden. Working as a typical browser hijack, this website can affect all brands of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). If you are seeing pop-up noted as Alert.rubylivetechhelp.com on your default browser, your computer is infected with unknown malware. You are recommended to download SpyHunter Free Scanner to check if you have infected with malware.

Here is a screenshot of alert.rubylivetechhelp.com.

alert.rubylivetechhelp.com screenshot

Alert.rubylivetechhelp.com possesses malicious features. It can modify your default internet browsers homepage URL so that it can keep dominating your browser. If you receive fake security alert, you should not trust it. What is shown on this website can never be true. It is just designed to mislead you into calling the unknown number. This website is a signal that your computer becomes susceptible. If you set this issue aside, it may trigger other malware and even degrade your PC performance. What’s worse, this website can expose your privacy to high risks. (more…)