How to Remove from IE/FF/Chrome? Get Rid of Super Page Search Completely

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What is is a suspected website which can cause browser hijacker or redirect to It usually replaces users’ default homepage and search engine without asking for permission. Once infected, your browser will keep forwarding to its domain by force every time your launch your browser. There is no doubt that this notorious website can hinder users’ internet browsing.

Here is a screenshot of screenshot supports various buttons for web, images, videos, games, maps, etc. It seems quite similar to a legitimate search website. However, please don’t be cheated by its appearance. What it does reveals its malevolence. This suspected website can infect almost all the browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It has the ability to change your browser settings and redirect you to the unreliable search results. Meanwhile, aims at advertising various websites and gaining money from clicks on affiliate links. It will display constant pop-up ads which may not only interrupt your browsing but lead you to serious computer issues. (more…)

How to Remove Pop-up rom Firefox (IE or Chrome)?

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A suspicious security alert stops your browser in its domain? It has detected malware on the website you are visiting? It says your personal information could be dangerous? It must have asked you to dial a number for help. Apparently, it is another Tech Support Scam that keeps on cheating you with another form. Here is some advice to help you get rid of this pop-up. Please keep reading.

What is is dubious pop-up that can affect users by taking over their browser all of a sudden. Working as a typical browser hijack, this website can affect all brands of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). If you are seeing pop-up noted as on your default browser, your computer is infected with unknown malware. You are recommended to download SpyHunter Free Scanner to check if you have infected with malware.

Here is a screenshot of screenshot possesses malicious features. It can modify your default internet browsers homepage URL so that it can keep dominating your browser. If you receive fake security alert, you should not trust it. What is shown on this website can never be true. It is just designed to mislead you into calling the unknown number. This website is a signal that your computer becomes susceptible. If you set this issue aside, it may trigger other malware and even degrade your PC performance. What’s worse, this website can expose your privacy to high risks. (more…)

How to Remove Popup Easily and Quickly?

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“The page at says:
Security Alert.
It has been detected that the site you are visiting contains malware.
Attackers currently on could possibly attempt to install dangerous or…
To fix IMMEDIATELY, it is imperative that you contact customer care now at +xxxxx”

If you got a pop-up telling you the messages above, please be vigilant. This pop-up is scamming you. Please don’t be cheated. You can follow the guides below to get rid of this pop-up.

What is is deemed as a kind of malware that enables browser hijackers to many browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. This popup often shows you a warning alert and recommends you to dial a toll free hotline for assistance. Actually, this popup is only designed to trick you into buying the nonexistent software or services through phone call. Please don’t trust the messages because what is reported on this website is never worth of trusting.

Here is a screenshot of this nasty pop-up. screenshot

This pop-up is usually distributed via other embedded codes on the suspicious links or corrupted websites. You may be attacked by this website if you get other PUP or malware in your computer. It can perform a lot of harmful activities to your PC. For example: (more…)

How to Remove (PayPerClick Search Engine)? (Removal Tutorial)

Tweet about this on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+Pin on PinterestShare on VKShare on LinkedInShare on TumblrDigg this takes over your homepage and search engine? Don’t worry. This post will tell you more about and offer you step by step removal instructions. Hope that you can get back your homepage and search engine.

What is is categorized as a suspected browser hijacker that can redirect the infected browsers to its domain – It is created by cyber crooks to mess up users’ browsers, promote third party websites, and generate pay-per-click revenues. There are many underlined and linked words on the homepage. Please treat it seriously. You may either be redirected to the compromised websites and or urged to pay the money.

Here is a screenshot of this nasty browser hijacker. screenshot is an unwanted program that comes bundled with other software downloaded from the internet. If you fail to disable additional tools in the installations, this program will load in your system by default and then start to change your browser or even system settings. It can also trigger ads to generate web traffic and allure users to buy their sponsored products. can track your browsing history. If you let it go unchecked in your PC you will suffer from privacy and security issues. (more…)

How to Remove Pop-up from IE/Firefox/Chrome?

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What is is a fake video/media player download website that urges user to download or install the so-called new version it offers. It is also deemed as a nasty adware due to its vicious behaviors. This dubious website often shows itself as a pop-up on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Once you find it in your PC, you should take immediate actions to deal with it. often comes bundled with other freeware downloads or just via compromised web scripts. It can cause damages to your computer in various aspects. It can replace your homepage and cause other modifications in your browser. It can download nasty program for your PC and then start to monitor your machine. It can mess up your browser or system to offer access for the other malware. Besides, it can expose your privacy and steal your information. You should mind your online activities in case of being attacked by this malicious website.

How to Remove is often created by cyber criminals to make money by promoting various utilities or redirecting computer users to sponsored websites. You are highly recommended to remove it via the guides below. (more…)

How to Remove Popup from IE?

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Your browser keeps redirecting to pop-up website named
You feel tired of fighting with this nasty website?
You are finding fast and effective solutions for this issue?

No matter what browser you use, you can get rid of this nasty pop-up with the help of the removal methods below.

What is is a fake update alert caused by ads-supported programs or advanced codes on corrupt web script. It often asks you to install update for flash player/media player/video player/music player with attractive functions. However, you are not advised to click the INSTALL button. Otherwise, you will put your computer into high risk. Once injected, this nasty pop-up will perform a series of harmful activities. For example:

  1. It can replace your homepage to enable its promotion.
  2. It can steal your confidential information for commercial purpose;
  3. It can interrupt internet browsing;
  4. It can aggravate burden to load a webpage;
  5. It can cause browser crashes;
  6. It can trigger other malware.


How to Remove Win32/Application.IM.d29 from infected PC?

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There is something wrong with your computer? It is attacked by Win32/Application.IM.d29? Have no idea about how to get rid of it? This post offers effective removal methods. You can get help from here.

What is Win32/Application.IM.d29?                                                                                  

Win32/Application.IM.d29 is detected as a vicious computer virus that falls into the group of Trojan horse. It usually sneaks into the vulnerable PC without users’ knowledge because it is often distributed through malicious websites or legitimate website that has been hacked or it may be downloaded from the spam email attachments. No matter how this virus enters you’re your PC, please keep in mind that it can badly damage the compromised computers in various aspects.

1. Download and install other malware;
2. Modify registry and record your keystrokes and the sites you visit;
3. Read your information stored in PC, including user names and browsing history;
4. Exploiting system backdoors and offer access to remote hacker;
5. Slowdown computer and degrade system performance.

Just as the common Trojan virus, Win32/Application.IM.d29 can hide itself in the background with random names. And you have no idea where it is unless you detect it with the help of your antivirus. As a risky virus, Win32/Application.IM.d29 should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. (more…)

How to Solve Sgminer.exe Problem in Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)?

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Recently, many users have detected a suspicious program – sgminer.exe – in their PCs. This program has caused a lot of problems, driving the victims almost crazy. This post will offer some advice for this nasty problem. Hope anyone in need can get rid of sgminer.exe as soon as possible.

What is Sgminer.exe?

Sgminer.exe, published by LLC, has already been detected as Threat.Amonitize. This executable application is a malicious Bitcoin miner designed to force computers to generate Bitcoins for cybercriminals and consume computing power. Commonly, it will mine for BitCoins using the computer’s GPU in the background and may be installed and run without the user’s knowledge. Once you get this sgminer.exe problem in your PC, you may encounter a series of accompanying problems. For example:

Random pop-up, browser hijacker
Windows registry entries corrupt
CPU up to 100% very soon
Computer sluggish
System performance degradation
More security vulnerabilities (more…)

How to Remove Trojan (TRJ.DealWare.Stealth) Popup? Get Rid of Virus Warning Scam

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If you receive popup message offering toll-free tech support hotline, you should be on the alert. This post will tell more about this kind of scam. Hope that it can help you get rid of it now and future.

What is Trojan (TRJ.DealWare.Stealth) Popup?

Trojan (TRJ.DealWare.Stealth) Popup is a typical fake virus alert or system alert scam. Here is the alert from this pop-up,

You must call this toll free number 1-855-534-2995 now.
The new Trojan (TRJ.DealWare.Stealth) cannot be detected by current virus software. Failure to immediately call the number provided will result in computer failure…”

This popup only aims at cheating your money through its so-called toll free tech support hotline. Please don’t trust what it claims. Once infected with this kind of dubious website, you may encounter many PC issues. It can mess up your browser by changing the homepage and new tab URL. As a case, you are always redirected to this domain as you launch your browser or turn to another webpage. It can also cause your computer vulnerable for many computer threats like rogue software, adware, Trojan, etc. If you get this kind of pop-up and do not take actions to deal with it, you may soon put your PC into high risk.

Trojan (TRJ.DealWare.Stealth) comes into your browser without your awareness and consent via malicious codes on the web script or just caused by the malware you get from the freeware downloads. (more…)

How to Remove Trojan.Vawtrak.ED? (Removal Guide)

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What is Trojan.Vawtrak.ED?

Trojan.Vawtrak.ED is detected as a risky Trojan Virus that appears in the vulnerable PCs stealthily and becomes a great threat very soon. It often breaks into vulnerable PC through spam emails, infected removable drives, hacked or compromised webpages, and torrent files.

This Trojan is not content with infiltrating your computer and performing generic acts of crime. It can damage the compromised computers in various aspects.

  1. Enable additional threats (malware, Trojan, worm) to compromise your system.
  2. Use your computer for click fraud.
  3. Record your keystrokes and the sites you visit.
  4. Add malicious entries to the Windows registry.
  5. Download more malware to your computer.
  6. Send collected details (user names, passwords, browsing history, bank account information) to a remote malicious hacker.

The infected users may suffer great loss if this Trojan replaces you to perform certain behavior.To protect your PC from all those malicious programs or viruses, you should mind your online activities and always keep in mind to –

  1. Install reputable real-time antivirus software and scan your computer regularly.
  2. Be caution while downloading unknown software from free resources.
  3. Delete spam e-mails or suspected attachments.
  4. Check every software installation to avoid any malware.
  5. Stay away from intrusive websites.